Brand Experience

  • John Water's Love You to Death, TV Launch

    To communicate the wry and macabre tone of the black comedy series about spousal murder to potential buyers at MIPTV in Cannes, the venue became a Museum of Spousal Murder with wickedly funny set pieces to reflect the quirky storylines; a husband's body stored in the fridge, a wife's body in the trunk of a car and a dinner party poisoning. Winner of two event industry awards for excellence including Best Promotional Communication.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker's Work of Art, TV Launch

    To experience the reality TV competition to find 'the next great artist', potential buyers at MIPCOM in Cannes we're given the opportunity to create their own works of art using an interactive digital graffiti wall followed by a Q&A and photo op with producer Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • The Art of Barbie, Campaign

    To highlight Barbie's iconic status, tributes were created by artists and designers including Anthony Gormley, Sam Taylor Wood, Alexander McQueen and Versace. Tributes were unveiled at an exclusive event and catwalk show hosted by Victoria Beckham and Elton John to raise money for children with HIV /AIDS, followed by a public exhibition, a photographic book and range of merchandise.

  • My Babysitter's a Vampire, TV Launch

    To communicate the tone of the high school vampire show to potential buyers at MIP Junior in Cannes, a blood-soaked prom was created in a real school gymnasium. Highlights included vampire cheerleaders, vampire prom king and queens, a high school 'blood drive' with a vampire nurse, lockers stuffed with garlic and holy water in water pistols and super-soakers.

  • Stella McCartney, Retail Launch

    Following the success of the launch event, Left Field Productions were again asked to create an event to mark the first anniversary of the boutique. Staged as a kid's first birthday party for adults, highlights included Stella ice cream vans, PB&J sandwiches and a balloon sculptor making very adult shapes.

  • Focus, Design Show

    To launch the annual Focus design show, a huge hanging installation was suspended from the roof of each dome atrium in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour using that season's on-trend colours of chocolate and aqua. The jigsaw shaped installation was a reference to the various areas of the centre coming back together following months of renovations.

  • Christies Contemporary Collectors, Campaign

    A marketing campaign to target a younger clientele, CCC's launch event adopted a 'Twisted Traditional' theme to present the world of Christies in an unexpected way. Highlights included a floor to ceiling installation of fine wines, the juxtaposition of classical and contemporary furniture and fine jewellery modelled on drag queens. Winner of two event industry awards for excellence.

  • Sugababes for Wella Shockwaves, Campaign

    To promote The Sugababes as the face of Wella Shockwaves a digital presentation was created, set to a custom-made mix of Sugababes hits, which built to a dramatic reveal of the band themselves followed by a press conference hosted by celebrity stylist Michael Douglas.

  • Superbrands for Selfridges, Retail Launch

    The brief stated that the launch event should not be a typical 'in-store' event. To create an intimate, high energy, nightclub atmosphere in the early evening while the store was open to the public, a maze was created to channel guests into a windowless space with DJ's and club lighting. Kabuki drops were used to gradually remove internal walls, opening up the space and revealing each of the designer outlets one by one as the party filled up, ensuring the event always felt busy. Winner of an event industry award for excellence.

  • Canon Designs for Life, Campaign

    A campaign to associate the Canon brand with the world of fashion and to promote the lightweight, wearable properties of the IXUS. Outfits inspired by the red ribbon were commissioned from 100 designers, from Armani to Versace, for a catwalk show to raise money for HIV / AIDS. The campaign included an exhibition of designer's sketches, visual merchandising in Liberty's windows and a photographic book with images by David Bailey and models including Jodie Kidd and Sophie Dahl.

  • Montblanc Fine Jewellery, Product Launch

    To communicate Montblanc's luxurious, sophisticated and classic yet contemporary brand values while bringing out the feminine qualities of a traditionally masculine brand, an intimate fashion show allowed guests to see the collection on models in evening wear. Following the catwalk presentation, models remained seated in luxurious set pieces so guests could view the jewellery up close to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship.

  • Campaign Press Awards, Re-branding Event

    To re-brand the long-running event to reflect the innovative nature of the awards themselves, it was moved from the Grosvenor House Ballroom to the Old Truman Brewery. The styling focused on contrasting textures, styles and periods by juxtaposing the raw industrial venue with more luxurious and quirky furniture. Entries were also displayed for the first time using oversized guilt frames on exposed brick walls. Winner of four event industry awards for excellence.

  • LBC 97.3FM, Brand Retrospective

    To celebrate 30 years of LBC and communicate its brand values of intelligent but not highbrow, irreverent but knowledgeable, thought provoking and witty, a series of installations were created to represent a different fashion, trend or political event from each year. Each installation had the LBC logo incorporated into the design in a humorous or light-hearted way to remind guests that LBC had been present throughout and reporting on all the events of the past 30 years.

  • The Snowflake Collection, Product Launch

    To unveil the new Snowflake collection to VIP clients in the run up to Christmas, snow machines rigged overhead ensured it snowed in Bond Street as guests were greeted by carol singers. Inside, the snowflake theme continued as the store was transformed into a snow-covered forest with staff and models dressed in woolly hats, scarfs and mittens. High Commendation winner, CEA Awards.